Lindsay Lohan Had A Crush On Controversial Photographer; Poses For Her Favorite Lensman Again

Posted on: April 19, 2014 05:08am

Terry Richardson is known for snapping sexy and nude photo of Miley Cyrus and other celebrities. The photographer is no stranger to controversy and has been the subject of sexual harassment allegations on various occasions. 'He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of,' Rasmussen told the New York Post in 2010.

There is, however, nothing controversial about Lohan's photo-shoot. The "Mean Girls" actress is showing off some cleavage as she poses for the celeb photographer. In black and white shots, Lindsay can be seen wearing a T-shirt which reads, "Parental Advisory Explicit Content." The actress is fully clothed, and the only time she is seen exposing skin is when she lifts her white top up and pulls her pants a bit down. The rest of the pictures show a pensive Lohan sitting in Terry's studio, wearing torn jeans and a thick fur jacket, according to International Business Times.

This is the second time that the actress did a similar photo shoot with Terry; the first was around two years back. At the time, there were rumors that the actress had a crush on Terry and wanted to start a relationship with him.

According a Daily Mail report, the two had a "passionate night" and Lindsay felt attracted towards Terry, but the snapper was not interested in starting a serious relationship with her and "regretted hooking up with her."

A source told Daily Mail, "They had a major night of passion after they worked on this photo shoot together and now she's going all out to get her claws into him. Lindsay and Terry have been friends for years, and she's always had a thing for him. Lindsay thinks he's really cool and hip and could be great for her career."

The pair's 'night of passion' came after Richardson shot Lohan in a sexy photo shoot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles two years ago.

"Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he's actually kind of freaked out by how strong she's been coming on to him. It's a difficult situation though as they move in the same circles and have a lot of mutual friends. He's trying to work out a way to let her down gently without blowing their friendship," the source added.

The controversial photographer defended himself from allegations of misconduct. He wrote in his blog, "I just want to take a moment to say I'm really hurt by the recent and false allegations of insensitivity and misconduct...I've always been considerate and respectful of the people I photograph and I view what I do as a real collaboration between myself and the people in front of the camera."